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"Host a Vesta Fiesta," you ask? "What could that look like?"

Vesta Fiestas come in all shapes and sizes. Though one can be as large as our flagship Fiesta—an extravaganza to be held at the Pasadena Convention Center featuring mission scientists, booths where kids and adults can engage in activities to unpack the cool science and engineering, and Rosetta Mission Project Scientist Dr. Claudia Alexander—they can be as intimate as your own backyard. Host a party on Saturday, August 6 and Watch Dr. Claudia Alexander and the Dawn Science team live via streaming video.

What kind of Fiesta are you planning?

Public or private? Large or small? With or without help?

Where will you have it?

  • In the community, like at a museum, observatory, or recreation center?
  • At a science camp, back-to-school, or library event?
  • With your Girl/Boy Scouts or 4-H club, or at a family reunion or block party?

Check out resources to help you plan your party.

Starter Fiestas to Get Your Juices Flowing

Type of Fiesta People to help A place to gather, such as: Fun activities like:

Big Public Event
(50 or more attendees)

10 or more An observatory or museum Asteroid Mystery Boxes
Active Accretion
Edible Rocks
Block Party
(20-50 attendees)
5-10 A local park, neighborhood, or school Grape or Raisin?
Dawn Relay Race
In Search of a Missing Planet
(1-20 attendees)
1-2 Your house or local park Asteroid Belt Pizza
Vesta Piñata
Modeling Vesta in 3-D
Vesta Fiesta Logo