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Listen to what NASA's Dawn mission scientists Marc Rayman, Carol Polanskey, and Stacey Weinstein-Weiss find the most intriguing about the Dawn mission and their advice for pursuing a career in NASA's space exploration.

Listen to what Dawn Scientists find intriguing about Dawn's exploration of Vesta

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Carol Polanskey
Marc Rayman

...what Dawn's Chief Engineer, Marc Rayman, finds intriguing about the Dawn mission.

- Exploring the last unexplored worlds in the inner solar system MP3 4.2 MB

Carol Polanskey
Carol Polanskey Dawn Science Ops System Engineer, Carol Polanskey, balances engineering with science, and her advice to young scientists.

- Bridging the gap between engineering and science MP3, 8.5 MB

- Advice to young people wanting to get into the field of space science MP3, 2 MB

- Solving the difficult problems MP3, 2.3 MB

Carol Polanskey

...what Dawn's Vesta development manger, Stacy Weinstein-Weiss, finds most intriguing about the protoplanet Vesta, and how she came to work for NASA.

- How a science fair brought me to NASA MP3, 6 MB

- Important comparisons we might find through our exploration of Vesta MP3, 3 MB

- Most intriguing thing about the Dawn mission MP3, 1.5 MB