Join the Vesta Exploration

Dawn is traveling through the Solar System at this very moment, spiraling around the Sun toward the spacecraft’s first destination, Vesta. Vesta is one of the biggest and brightest bodies in the asteroid belt. It can be found in a wide swath of solar debris and accretions located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Here are two activities to help you understand more about Vesta—;and encounter some of the thrills and challenges that Dawn scientists experience!
- NSES Ed Standards

Student preparing clay for Vesta model Modeling Vesta in 3-D
Taking four of the best images we have of Vesta taken by Hubble Space Telescope—;Vesta’s front, side, back and other side—;you and your friends craft a clay model.  Together you will create a whole Vesta!
- Explorer Guide: Modeling Asteroid Vesta
- 3-D Activity
- Slideshow demo
Students flipping through constructed Vesta Flipbook Create a Vesta Flipbook
Animators build cartoons by flipping through a series of images over time. Make a flipbook using Vesta images to help you picture the asteroid spinning on its axis in orbit through space!
- Flipbook

A last thought before you start… you can do your explorations by yourself, but they’re more fun (and make better sense) when you and your friends do them together!