Everyone Loves a Story

Use Stories in the Classroom

Kids love stories, and from an early age, children learn in narrative. Stories come in all shapes and sizes. Some are told, not read. They come alive in face, hands, and body movements. Many are not written down- they are pieces of history, culture, and tradition that are passed from one generation to the next. Stories organize facts and data, illustrate procedure, and simulate possible outcomes. Below are two stories written to capture imaginations about Dawn's exciting mission to visit the asteroid belt.

Professor StarrProfessor Starr's Dream Trip: Or, how a little technology goes a long way

This story, set in clever rhyme, reveals how NASA's New Millennium Program makes a scientist's dreams come true. With a fictionalized main character based on Dawn's Principal Investigator Chris Russell, the story shows how the innovation of the ion propulsion system has helped make the Dawn mission possible.  - Read story

gentle giant Ceres and feisty VestaThe Aster's Hoity Toity Belt

The Aster's Hoity-Toity Belt, a compelling tale set in the Great Carousel of the Skies, tells of two friends, the gentle giant Ceres and feisty Vesta, as they find their place in the skyberhood.

In addition to a supplemental activity, the Aster's story is offered below as a booklet handout, a story with space for imaginative illustrations, and a version with learning notations.

Story with learning notations The Aster's Hoity-Toity Belt - Learning version (PDF)
Story with space for kids to illustrate The Aster's Hoity-Toity Belt - Illustrate-Your-Own version (PDF)
Story as a booklet handout The Aster's Hoity-Toity Belt - Booklet version (PDF)
Education activities The Aster's Hoity-Toity Belt - Educator Activities (PDF)