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First Images from Dawn Framing Camera

Image taken by DAWN framing camera  
Figure 1: On October 18, 2007, during its first operation in space, Dawn's Framing Camera imaged a star field as part of a set of tests.  This figure combines four 30-second exposures. Some of the stars identified in the camera's view are indicated along with the visual magnitude. The tests demonstrated that the science instrument is in excellent health. Credit: NASA/JPL/MPS/DLR/IDA
+ Enlarge image
               + Original capture
Expected FOV from star catalog  
Figure 2: When the FC images used to make Figure 1 were acquired, the spacecraft orientation happened to place the camera's field of view in the part of the sky shown in this chart, centered at RA = 8h 46m, dec = 24 deg. Credit: NASA/JPL/MPS/DLR/IDA      + Enlarge image  
To see additional images, visit the Framing Camera Gallery
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