High Resolution Stereo Camera Image Composite (HRSC)

  3-D view of Mars and the sky with space curves around the viewer in all directions
  Image credit: JPL/ESA/UCLA/MPI/DLR/FUBerlin/MOLA Science Team

Each image on this mosaic is of the same location observed by Dawn's Framing Camera when it flew by Mars to complete the spacecraft's gravity assist maneuver on February 17, 2009.

1) The top image is from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter flying on the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.  MOLA measures the height of features from Mars' surface. The image is a shaded relief of a 2° x 2° grid. 
Credit: MOLA Science Team.
- More information on MOLA

2) Mosaic of 5 Dawn framing camera images acquired during the Mars Flyby Gravity Assist maneuver, displayed at a resolution of 150 m/pixel.
Credit: Dawn FC Team, JPL/UCLA/MPI/DLR/FUBerlin

3) Mosaic of 10 images from the  HRSC on board the Mars Express spacecraft at the same location and spatial resolution as Dawn's flyby images from the Framing Camera. 
Copyright: HRSC Team, ESA/DLR/FUBerlin.

4) The bottom image is the  five images from Dawn's Framing Camera overlaid on top of the HRSC images above.  
Credit: MOLA Science Team, Dawn FC Team, HRSC Team, JPL/ESA/UCLA/MPI/DLR/FUBerlin.