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Hosting an I C Ceres celebration? Find games and activities for everyone. The challenge increases as you go down the list.

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Meet Vesta

Activity Description

Asteroid Mystery Boxes

Learn about the nature of asteroids with your hands using a box and rocks.     Explore icon arts

Grape or Raisin?

Use grapes and raisins to model and compare Vesta and Ceres. ice cream icon   Explore icon  

Modeling Vesta in 3-D

Use modeling clay to translate images of Vesta into a 3-D model.     Explore icon arts

Vesta Flipbook

Make an animated book to watch Vesta spin.     Explore icon arts

Edible Rocks

Use candy bars to help understand meteorites. ice cream icon   Explore icon  

Food Differentiation

Use a variety of foods to model the separation of light and heavy materials within a planetary body. ice cream icon   Explore icon  

Find Vesta & Ceres

Activity Description Eat Move Explore Arts

In Search of a Missing

Use star charts to search for the missing planet amongst the constellations.     Explore icon arts

Patterns in the Sky

Learn about the gap in our solar system that helped discover Ceres.   Move icon Explore icon  

Active Accretion

Play tag to model the accretion (clumping) of specks of matter in our early solar system into asteroids.   Move icon Explore icon  

Fun for All Ages

Activity Description Eat Move Explore Arts
Dawn Relay Race

Divide into teams and race in the pathway of the Dawn spacecraft.   Move icon Explore icon  
Asteroid Belt T-Shirt

Make your own t-shirt to display the asteroid belt.       arts

Asteroid Belt Pizza

Decorate a pizza to look like the inner solar system – including the asteroid belt. ice cream icon   Explore icon  
Searching for Meteorites
Use balloons and small pebbles to model the distribution of materials after meteorite impacts.   Move icon Explore icon  
Build a Model of the Dawn
Print and build a paper model of the Dawn spacecraft.     Explore icon arts
This Fiesta Celebrates Dawn
A song by Donna Stearns celebrating the arrival of the spacecraft Dawn at Vesta.       arts

Just for Kids

Activity Description Eat Move Explore Arts
Vesta Piñata

Find out what's inside a paper-mache Vesta Piñata. ice cream icon Move icon    
Asteroid Memory Game Test your memory skills by matching as many asteroids as you can remember.     Explore icon  
Race to the Asteroid Belt Play this board game to find out who will get to Vesta and Ceres first.     Explore icon arts
Asteroid Belt Marble Game Move all of your marbles into the inner circle.   Move icon    
Kids Activity Pages Get to know the Dawn mission by downloading fun activity pages.     Explore icon arts