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Here are great resources to help you with recruitment, planning and entertainment.

Recruitment Materials

Want help with recruitment materials for your celebration? Coming soon- templates you can adapt with your event details:

  • Invitation Postcard (PDF)
  • Recruitment Flyer (PDF)
  • Sample Press Release (Word)
  • Thank you from Chris Russell, Dawn Principal Investigator (PDF)


How about activities to rock and roll your Hasta La Vesta? Take a look at our selection of activities written for you!

Presentation Materials

Resources to share with your audience.


Finding Vesta and Ceres in the Night Sky

You can see Vesta and Ceres for yourself! From August 2012 to April 2013, they are unusually close in the night sky, but it can still be a challenging object to find. The trick is to know where to look.

Local Expertise

Interested in getting help appreciating Vesta and other members of the night sky?

 Having a small event? Contact local experts:

 Having a public event? Contact NASA Volunteers:

 Having a school-based event? Contact NASA Education Professionals: