Dawn Mission Google+ Hangout

Hangout with Dawn scientists and engineers and pose the questions you've always wanted to ask! Dawn Mission's Google+ Hangout will offer a unique glimpse into discoveries to date, and insight into the next phase of the Dawn mission as its trusty ion engine guides the spacecraft to the icy dwarf planet, Ceres. The event will not only connect you to Dawn's movers and shakers, it will connect you to Dawn fans world-wide!

Before or after the Dawn Hangout? Make your own Hasta La Vesta party! Leap into hands-on science activities, ride along with Dawn's ion propulsion system in our cool interactive, make your own asteroid model, view Vesta and Ceres in the early morning sky—to name just a few ideas.

Here are the ways you can watch the Dawn Mission Google+ Hangout:

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Time Event Information
Today - September 8, 2012 Send in your questions for the Dawn Mission Google Hangout

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September 8, 2012 Hasta La Vesta!
  Dawn Google+ Hangout
12:00-2:00 p.m. PDT

Hangout with the Dawn Mission

  Hasta La Vesta Party Time!

Host your own celebration before or after the Dawn Hangout!

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  • View Vesta and Ceres in the early morning sky!
Fall 2012 – Early winter 2015

Dawn journeys to Ceres while the science of Vesta goes on!

Keep up with Dawn’s journey and latest science.