Hasta La Vista, Vesta!
Save the Date: Dawn Mission Google Hangout
Saturday, September 8, 2012
12 noon (PDT)

We've had an awesome year exploring Vesta! Dawn's mission extension allowed us to gain views of its north polar region. Soon, we will be saying Hasta la vista, Vesta, to our favorite giant asteroid as we begin our journey to dwarf planet Ceres!

You are invited!

How are we celebrating? Connect with Dawn team members and fellow Dawn mission fans in real time in a Dawn Mission Google+ Hangout! Dawn scientists and engineers will share mission stories and answer questions submitted via Facebook and Twitter in a live, interactive video event.

Got a question? Submit via email or via Facebook or Twitter.

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Share in Dawn's discoveries at Vesta, and Dawn's unprecedented next phase as the spacecraft becomes the first ever to leave one body in the solar system and cruise to another: dwarf planet Ceres.
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