Dawn team members and their colleagues are bringing you mission science through a series of G+ Hangouts. We have posted complete versions of each, as well as select vignettes for you to enjoy. Our complete set of videos can be found on the Dawn Mission EPO You Tube.

Latest Dawn EPO/CosmoQuest G+ Hangouts - 2014

Keri Bean
Dec 12, 2014 G+ Hangout
To continue in the spirit of collaboration, the #HubbleHangout featured those involved in imaging Ceres with Hubble, as well as members of the Dawn Mission Education and Communications (E/C) team!
  Kareem Badaruddin
Oct 6, 2014 G+ Hangout
JPL flight team members Kareem Badaruddin and Kristina Larson talk first-hand about the role that the test bed plays in planning and testing for the success of a mission.
  Tim Weise
Aug 15, 2014 G+ Hangout
With Deputy Mission Manager, Tim Weise at the helm, meet other flight team members and find out what goes into driving the Dawn spacecraft.

Ceres Series Part I: Icy World Revealed? - Aug 15, 2013

Comparison of other asteroids with Ceres
Ceres: Gamechanger
Why does Ceres have the potential to be a game changer in our concept of solar system history?
  Hubble image of Ceres
Water on Ceres?
Hubble's image of Ceres has blue coloring—is that evidence of an atmosphere on Ceres?
  Schematic depicting light moving through VIR Spectrometer
Water + Heat → Carbonates!
To date, carbonates have been found only on Earth, Mars and… Ceres! How does this process work?
  Artist depiction of Front line
Ceres: Beyond the Frost Line?
The "frost line" is a region beyond which the solar system is cold enough that volatiles here on Earth behave like other solids.

Ceres Series Part II: Great Expectations - Sept 5, 2013

Britney Schmidt
Britney Schmidt introduces
the Dawn mission and our hangout guests, Katie Dyl
and Andy Rivkin.
  Hubble image of Ceres
Meteorites Revealed
What do meteorites tell us about the solar system, and how do they prepare us for Ceres?
  Meteorite Vigarano
The Evidence for Ice on Ceres
What evidence are we using to surmise the history and composition of Ceres?
  Katie Diel
Great Expectations!
What are our guests looking forward to most at Ceres? Being astounded [and more]!

Dawn Science G+ Hangouts - 2012-2013

Spectral features of surface of Ceres
Dec 17, 2013 G+ Hangout
Guests Max Mutchler and Jian-Yang Li inspire us with what we've learned from the Hubble Space Telescope.
  Antonia Crater on Vesta
May 8, 2013 G+ Hangout
Participating Scientists Brett Denevi and Paul Schenk investigate how Vesta's craters and pits tell the tale of the giant asteroid's history.
  Asteroid Mappers Google Hangout
Dec 11, 2012 G+ Hangout
Get involved in citizen science through the Dawn Mission and CosmoQuest Asteroid Mappers project.
Hasta La Vesta Google Hangout
Sept 8, 2012 G+ Hangout
Listen to stories and updates on latest mission findings from Dawn scientists and engineers.