Dawn Visits Santa Monica Astronomy Club, Santa Monica CA

May 2007

The Santa Monica Amateur Astronomy Club met Friday, May 12, 2007 at the New Roads School in Santa Monica, California to provide feedback on the Dawn Find a Meteorite activity and the Structure and Properties of Matter: Ion Propulsion module. In addition to the group's monthly meeting, these astronomy enthusiasts organize star parties and group visits to planetaria shows.

At the May gathering, Dawn's Deputy Principal Investigator, Carol Raymond, presented an overview of the goals, science, technology, and challenges of the Dawn Mission. Furthermore, she offered informative facts about Vestoid meteorites, the costs to build the Dawn spacecraft, Ceres status as a dwarf planet, and the order and duration for Dawn's orbits of Vesta and Ceres.

After partaking in sharing a celebratory cake in honor of the upcoming Dawn launch, the Astronomy Club honored Joe Wise, Dawn Education and Public Outreach Manager, for his outstanding contributions and assistance to the club for over 14 years.

Carol Raymond presenting an overview of the Dawn mission to an audience   Celebratory cake featuring Vesta and Ceres depicted wtih cookies   The Astronomy Club presents Joe Wise with a certificate of appreciation for his contributions
Carol Raymond presents overview of Dawn misson.   Celebratory cake featuring Vesta and Ceres, depicted with cookies and crackers, in honor of upcoming Dawn launch.   Certificate of appreciation awarded to Joe Wise for his outstanding contributions to the Astronomy Club.