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E/PO staff facilitating Dawn Educator Conference

Accountants and auditors examine and analyze a wide variety of financial information in order to provide accurate reports and tax documents for managers. (Career Description)

Administrative services managers supervise and manage various kinds of support services, which may include secretarial, financial, facilities management, and communications. (Career Description)

Budget analysts develop, analyze, and carry out financial plans used in institutional decision-making to predict future requirements and to use resources effectively. (Career Description)

Cost estimators create financial reports for managers to use in bidding, determining profitability, and allocating resources to work efforts. (Career Description)

Employment interviewers help to match potential employees with available jobs by finding the most qualified applicant for open positions. (Career Description)

Engineering, science, and computer systems managers supervise engineers, scientists, technicians, computer specialists, information technology personnel, and support staff to accomplish a research, development, or production task. (Career Description)

Financial managers prepare required financial reports to ensure compliance with tax and regulatory requirements, oversee cash flow, monitor financial risks, and communicate with others outside the organization. (Career Description)

Managers and executives direct the operation of a business. They initiate strategies, formulate policies, and try to ensure that their organization's objectives are met. (Career Description)

Human resources specialists and managers recruit new employees, advise managers on hiring decisions, match employees' skills with job requirements, design training to improve employee skills, and work to improve employees' morale. (Career Description)

Industrial production managers schedule staff and equipment to coordinate production activities and maintain quality control. (Career Description)

Purchasers buy the highest quality goods and services from subcontractors or vendors at the lowest possible cost. (Buyers buy items for resale, a task not included in the Dawn mission). (Career Description)

These careers are described in more detail in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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