Saturday, March 10, 2012 | Pasadena, CA | Houston, TX | Portland, OR | Laurel, MD
A Vision of Discovery Educator Workshops
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A Vision of Discovery - Science Inspiring Art workshops for educators from K-college were held on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at four sites Pasadena, CA, Houston, TX, Portland, OR and Laurel, MD. The workshops featured scientists from NASA's MESSENGER, Dawn, and New Horizons missions presenting the latest updates. Educators followed with captivating sessions on using elements of art to engage students in analyzing and understanding beautiful NASA images of space – and Earth. Click on the links below to watch recordings of the presentations and to download the activities presented.

What's the Latest on MESSENGER, Dawn and New Horizons?

  • MESSENGER has revolutionized scientific perceptions of Mercury with its amazing close-up global images. The year-long orbital science campaign that began in March 2011 is being extended for a second year to answer six new science questions that have arisen as a result of discoveries made from orbit.
  • The Dawn mission is using ion propulsion to orbit the two largest objects in the asteroid belt. Launched in September 2007, Dawn arrived at asteroid Vesta last July for a year-long orbit before it continues on to dwarf planet Ceres.
  • New Horizons is on an extremely long journey that begin with launch in 2006, zooming to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. When it arrives in 2015, we will see the distant icy dwarf planet up close for the first time in human history.

Speaker Presentation Archive

Shari Asplund
  Discovery and New Frontiers Programs Overview – Shari Asplund
Shari Asplund Webinar Recording (YouTube) Welcome to the Vision of Discovery (PPT)
Ralph McNutt   New Horizons – The Long Journey to Pluto – Dr. Ralph McNutt
Ralph McNutt Webinar Recording (YouTube) The New Horizons Mission Understanding NASA Images Through Art (PPT) The New Horizons Launch Video (MPG)First Spacecraft to Explore Pluto (JPEG)Tvashtar Animation Loop (GIF)
Monica Aiello
  Art, Science and the Cosmic Connection – Monica Aiello
Monica Aiello Webinar Recording (YouTube) Art & The Cosmic Connection Presentation (PDF) Art Activity Teaching Guide (PDF)
Bonnie Buratti
  Dawn: Journey to the Beginning of Time – Dr. Bonnie Buratti
Dr. Bonnie Buratti Webinar Recording (YouTube) Dawn: The Mission to the Beginning of Time Presentation (PDF) Art in Science: Value and Albedo Student Activity (PDF) Art in Science: Value and Albedo Leader Guide (PDF)
Monica Aiello
  MESSENGER: What are we learning at Mercury? – Dr. Nancy Chabot
Dr. Nancy Chabot Webinar Recording (YouTube) Revealing Mercury Presentation (PDF) MESSENGER: Mosaic Postcards from Mercury Presentation by Keri Hallau (YouTube) MESSENGER: Mosaic Postcards from Mercury Presentation (PDF) Mosaic Postcards from Mercury Activity (PDF)Hints for Completing the Mercury Mosaic (PDF) Labeled Image of Mercury (JPEG)