Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory - Laurel, MD



  • Julie Edmonds, Education and Communications Lead for MESSENGER and Director of Carnegie Academy for Science Education
  • Ms. Heather Weir, Education and Communications, MESSENGER; PI - NASA Climate Day; and Senior Science Education Specialist, Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
  • Kerri Beiser, Education and Communications Lead for New Horizons
  • Jim McAdams, member of APL's Principal Professional Staff, leads the team that designed MESSENGER's complicated trajectory before settling into its orbit around Mercury in 2011.
  • Andy Calloway, member of the MESSENGER flight operations team since he joined the Applied Physics Lab in 2002 and Mission Operations Manager since 2007.

Contact Information:

Heather Weir


Lunch and snacks are included in the registration fee.


The Laurel workshop is taking place from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm ET.


The workshop will take place at the South Campus, Building 200 (11101 Johns Hopkins Road) of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Directions, Map, and Parking:

See the APL Visitor's Guide (PDF)

Entry/ID Requirements:

The workshop will be held in a non-restricted area of Building 200. However, personal ID is required for all visitors, as well as proof of citizenship for non-US Citizens.