Discovery Workshop MISSIONmakers team Jubilant 2015 Discovery Workshop MISSIONMakers team with its OSIRIS-REx spacecraft model ...... ...... The Heart of Pluto The Heart of Pluto: art meets science in a false color image that highlights Pluto's regional color differences, from New Horizons ...... ...... STEAM in Action STEAM in Action: MISSIONMakers team assembles OSIRIS-REx spacecraft; Mars InSight lander model ; Art and the Cosmic Connection ...... ...... The artist's concept of MESSENGER acquiring science at Mercury Artist's concept of MESSENGER acquiring science at Mercury ...... ...... Occator crater and Dawn spacecraft Artist rendition of dwarf planet Ceres' Occator crater and the Dawn spacecraft ...... ...... Artist's concept of spacecraft approaching Juno Artist's concept of Juno spacecraft approaching Jupiter ...... ......

The Impact of Discovery

April 9, 2016

Four Sites, One Terrific STEAM Experience

Presented by NASA's Discovery and New Frontiers Programs

Just what does it take to design a mission to explore our solar system? Hear real stories from NASA engineers and scientists. Investigate activities that shed light on the latest in NASA planetary science exploration. You'll leave inspired, informed and eager to learn more.

STEM + Arts = STEAM! In Discovery's sixth annual multi-site workshop, we will examine how the arts can enhance learner engagement and understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) ideas. Designed for individuals who want to connect with NASA and discover STEAM opportunities they can share in settings including libraries, museums, science centers, schools, out-of-school time programs, and more. Explore science and engineering as human endeavor at its incredible best!

All Four Sites Include:

Special Speakers

Scientists and engineers represent current Discovery and New Frontiers Missions such as: Dawn, Europa, InSight, Juno, MESSENGER, New Horizons, and OSIRIS-REx.

Hands-on, innovative STEAM activities and multimedia resources

  • A flash drive containing NGSS-aligned activities based on real mission science for learners of all ages including links to great online multimedia resources
  • Posters, bookmarks, stickers and more!

Special Local Opportunities

  • Each site will offer unique opportunities to enhance STEM engagement.