Artist concept of New Horizons missionArtist's depiction of New Horizons at Pluto with its moon Charon in silhouette. Credit: Dan Durda ....... ...... Volcanic Mercury Artist depiction of Dawn approaching Ceres ...... ...... Artist depiction of Insight missionArtist's depiction of the Mars Lander InSight studying the interior of Mars ...... ...... The artist's concept of MESSENGER acquiring science at Mercury Artist's concept of MESSENGER acquiring science at Mercury ...... ...... Artist's concept of spacecraft approaching Juno Artist's concept of spacecraft approaching Juno ...... ......

The Design of Discovery

Four Sites, One Terrific STEM Workshop

Presented by NASA's Discovery and New Frontiers Programs

Designing a mission to explore the solar system. Just what does it take? This workshop offers participants activities and experiences they can take back to their education programs, along with insight gained from presentations by dynamic engineers and scientists.

In Discovery's fifth annual multi-site professional development workshop, while we address the larger science questions that must drive any mission, we have a special focus on the engineering solutions associated with space explorations. Investigate what it takes to move a fantastic idea — like flying by an icon in the American imagination, Pluto, billions of miles from Earth, for the first time — from dream to reality. Explore science and engineering as human endeavor at its incredible best.

All Four Sites Include:

Special Speakers

There will be engineers and scientists representing current Discovery and New Frontiers Missions such as: Dawn, New Horizons, MESSENGER, InSight, OSIRIS-REx, and Juno.

Hands-on, standards-aligned science and engineering activities and multimedia interactives

  • For K-12 formal and informal educators
  • Resource materials to take back to the classroom

Resource materials

  • A flash drive containing curriculum and activities based on real mission science for all grade levels with links to great online interactives
  • Posters, bookmarks, stickers and more!

Webinar Option:

Can't make it to one of our workshop sites? Watch the special speaker presentations over the Internet through our free webinar!