Dawn Community Contributions - Vesta Has a Snowman

Sung to the tune of “Frosty the Snowman” by Dawn mission team members Roger Klemm, Kristina Larson, Carol Polanskey, Carol Raymond, & Greg Whiffen—lyrics by Marc Rayman & Carol Polanskey.

Vesta has a snowman, and a well-determined pole.
It's got troughs and grooves and hills galore,

impact craters on Vesta
With some spots as dark as coal.
All 'round the craters,
There are rays as bright as snow.
It's a fascinating protoplanet
As our dear old Dawn did show.

Dawn's traveled many miles and years
From Earth so far away
To dance around this ancient orb
To reveal what we know today.

O, Dawn's propelled by ions
With a lovely blue-green beam
We wish it had more reaction wheels,
But it's got enough hydrazine.

Uplink and downlink,
Uplink and downlink,
See the ops team go.
Analyze and Optimize,
Analyze and Optimize,
See our successes grow!

As Dawn approached to Vesta, it grew in the camera view.
We recovered from a safe comm mode,
Got to Survey and said, "Whew!"
Spiraling to LAMO, slipping through the one-to-one,
We got down real close to the rocky ground
Where we had five months of fun.

It's been real neat at Vesta
Testing scientific theories.
Now we're looking forward to,
More success at Ceres.

So, now Dawn's departed, and is thrusting on its way.
We left behind good memories
And a high drag RWA.

Its how the ops team speaks.
"Copy that", "Nominal",
"Epoch shift", "Chebify."
Aren't we a bunch of geeks?

Challenge and solution,
Crisis resolution,
See the ops team go.
Innovate, collaborate,
Generate, radiate,
It's the best darn team, you know!

UplinkProcess used to generate commands to the spacecraft and transmit them "up" to the spacecraft
DownlinkProcess used to receive data coming "down" from the spacecraft
MCRMission change request
ISAIncident/Surprise/Anomaly report
TVFThrust vector file
VMLVirtual machine language
Copy that"I heard that and understand"
NominalEverything went as expected
Epoch shiftA process used to block-shift commands in time to acquire data at specific times
ChebifyA made-up word on the project that refers to “Chebyshev polynominals” and the process used to convert a spacecraft                  trajectory into a product sent to the spacecraft to follow.