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Ceres Series: Icy World Revealed?

Thursday, August 15, 2013
1 pm PDT | 2 pm MDT | 3 pm CDT | 4 pm EDT

Britney Schmidt (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Julie Castillo-Rogez (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) discussed Ceres, a class of solar system objects that haven't yet been explored in depth, and how those explorations have the potential to change our concept of early solar system formation. We are predicting that Ceres is a dirt-covered icy world which will tell us about processes that operate in the early solar system, where, for a long time, most scientists thought ice didn't exist.

Britney Schmidt
  Britney Schmidt, science team liaison for the Dawn Mission E/PO team, is an Asst. Professor of Planetary Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she studies how habitable planets are built, how they can be detected, and the evolution of ice—on Europa, Antarctica, & in the asteroid belt.

Julie Castillo-Rogez
  Julie Castillo-Rogez, JPL, is a planetary scientist specializing in water-rich objects from modeling & experimental perspectives applied to the formulation, design, & planning of planetary missions.
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