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Education and Public Outreach (EPO)

Workshop attendee looking at skymap   JPL Open House 2006 E/PO team member presenting at the CO Science Convention E/PO team member presenting

Dawn E/PO consists of a national team of Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) specialists from Georgia Institute of Technology, Wildwood School (CA), and Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning who develop and disseminate high quality educational resources and materials in support of NASA’s Dawn Mission. Dawn E/PO delivers emerging technology and scientific knowledge to the public, to classroom teachers and students, and to informal educators and participants.

Through the Dawn E/PO website, students, educators, and the public engage in age-appropriate mission activities that include, for example, analyzing images for cratering, doing photometry on images to produce light curves, and discussing with mission scientists the importance of Vesta and Ceres to our understanding of solar system origins. Dawn E/PO concurrently uses innovative educational tools to encourage student collaboration, visualization, and peer-review in ways that conform to and further define the national standards in math and science education.

The Dawn E/PO team employs a strategic outreach approach, which supports NASA’s vision and the Dawn E/PO goals. This approach is based on four components: Delivery, Communication, Education Development, and Evaluation.

  • Partnership with Wildwood School, Los Angeles, CA, and Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), Denver, CO
  • Science team/educators in integrated unit
  • Ask a Scientist; Find a Meteorite
  • Targets: Educators and students, general public, informal education, underserved and underutilized populations
  • EPO, Dr. Britney Schmidt, Assistant Professor
  • EPO Manager, J. A. Wise, K-12 educator


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