Make Your Own Dawn T-shirt

    Dawn mission Belt

Directions for Using the Asteroid Belt Print-outs to Make Your Own Dawn T-shirt
Safety first! Make sure that you have adult supervision when making your Dawn T-shirt.


  • Use Iron-On Transfer Paper (see listing below).
  • If making multiple decals, fan paper before placing in the printer.
  • Place Iron-On Transfer Paper so the image will print on the coated side.
  • Most heat-transfer instructions direct you to flip your image before ironing on. However, the artwork for the Dawn T-shirt has been pre-flipped for your convenience, so please skip this step.
  • Print out the Dawn Asteroid Belt & Dawn Character PDF for placement on the pocket area or back of T-shirt; and print out the Additional Belt Pieces PDF for additional widths if needed.
  • Cut away any blank or unwanted area.
  • Follow the directions from the Iron-On Transfer Paper in order to transfer the design to 100% preshrunk cotton, 50/50 blends or 100% polyester fabric T-shirt.
  • Follow the directions on the Iron-On Transfer Paper for laundering and care.