Fun Activities
Mission Patch
    Spacecraft Model
    Coloring sheet, puzzles and more
    Artist rendering of Dawn character and asteroid belt
Put the Dawn Mission Patch on Your T-Shirt
Create your own Dawn mission T-shirt with this iron-on patch.
- Dawn patch (PDF)
- Get directions
    Construct Your Own Spacecraft Model
- Spacecraft Model (PDF)
- Assembly Instructions (PDF)
- Become a Dawn Young   Engineer
    Coloring sheet, puzzles and more
- Coloring sheet (PDF)
- Crossword Puzzle (PDF)
- Crossword answer sheet   (PDF)
- Maze (PDF)

- Connect the dots (PDF)

    Make Your Own Asteroid Belt!
Print these fun Asteroid Belt images onto iron-on transfers.
- Asteroid Belt/Dawn   Character (PDF)
- Additional Asteroid Belt
  Pieces (PDF)

- Get directions