Create a Vesta Greeting Card

Vesta Greeting Card GalleryBecome a Dawn artist by creating your own winter-themed greeting card using images of asteroid Vesta. Use art supplies or a computer to decorate a picture of asteroid Vesta, send us a photo of your artwork, and it may be featured in our Vesta Greeting Card Gallery.

You can use one of the Microsoft Word greeting card templates below, or download/print one of the three images below to make your own greeting card. Follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Download a Picture of Asteroid Vesta

Click on one of the asteroid Vesta images below, or use one of our Microsoft Word greeting card templates. You can either print out your image, or save the photo to your computer.

Vesta Images

An impact structure on asteroid Vesta resembling a snowman   Asteroid Vesta   Asteroid Vesta
An impact structure on asteroid Vesta resembling a snowman.   Image of asteroid Vesta calculated from a shape model, showing a tilted view of the topography of the south polar region. This perspective shows the topography, but removes the overall curvature of Vesta, as if the giant asteroid were flat and not rounded.   This detail of a Dawn framing camera image shows scarps, hummocky (eg. wavy/ undulating) terrain and impacts in Vesta's south polar region.

Vesta Greeting Card Templates

An impact structure on asteroid Vesta resembling a snowman   An impact structure on asteroid Vesta resembling a snowman   An impact structure on asteroid Vesta resembling a snowman

STEP 2: Design Your Own Vesta Greeting Card

Decorate a winter-themed picture of asteroid Vesta using crayons or markers, Microsoft Word or Paint, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, or other creative supplies.

STEP 3: Fill Out a Photo Release Form

If your artwork does not feature an image of a person, skip this step.

If you use images of a person in your artwork, the individual featured will need to grant permission to be featured on our website. Please submit the photo release form listed below, along with your entry. If the person featured in the image is under age 18, have a parent or guardian complete and fax or email their photo release form.
    - Photo Release Form (Word)
    - Photo Release Form (PDF)

STEP 4: Send us Your Vesta Greeting Card Artwork

Submit your artwork to us by email (no religious themes, please). Scan the image (or take a picture of it) and email the artwork and photo release form to by February 29, 2012.

Select entries will be featured in the Vesta Greeting Card Gallery. Only your first name and last initial will be posted.*

*According to the 2002 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, absolutely no image will be posted on this site without parental or guardian permission. No locator information, including a person's city, state, or school will be posted with a child's image.