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Welcome to Dawn Classrooms

Capture student interest by using the Dawn mission as a real-world link. Aligned with the content, instruction, and assessment guidelines set forth by the National Research Council, Dawn educational materials can be easily inserted in place of traditional units within a typical secondary school science, math, social studies and language arts curricula. Materials include online lesson plans, teacher guides and student activities, suggested assessments, and lists of additional resources and references.

Giuseppe Piazzi
Schematic of asteroid belt
Dora pallasite
Starry background titlecard for Dawn video
History and Discovery of Asteroids
Grades: 5-8
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    Vesta Mosaic
Grades 5-12
- Leader Guide (PDF)
- Activity (PDF)
    Find A Meteorite
Meteorite or "meteor-wrong"?
- Go to Find a Meteorite
    Dawn Mission Math
- Mission Math (PDF)
Ion Propulsion System
    Student holding role card for Extreme Navigation activity     Astronomer showing students how to use a telescope
    Starry background titlecard for Dawn video
Ion Propulsion
Grades: 9-12
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    Visualizing Vesta
- Leader Guide (PDF)
- Activity (PDF)
    Amateur Astronomers
- Amateur Observers' Program
- Finding Vesta
- Finding Ceres
- Galleries
- Watch Dawn Mission video
Visible and Infrared Spectrometer (VIR)
    Schematic of asteroid belt     Ion Propulsion
    Dawn spacecraft on simulated background with Dawn mission identifier
Interactions of Energy & Matter
- Dawn Instrumentation

    Dwarf Planet Activity
Grades 5-8
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    Ion Propulsion
- Ion Propulsion Interactive
    2007 Educator Conference Podcasts
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      Student holding role card for Extreme Navigation activity     GRaND Interactive
    Flash Back into Time
      Active Accretion
- Teacher Guide (PDF)
- Role Cards (PDF)
    GRaND Interactive
- See Interactive (Flash)
    Flash Back into Time
- Play interactive
- Non-Flash version
      Shape model and simulated surface features of Vesta     VIR Interactive
    Where is Dawn?
      Gravity Measurement
Grades: 9-12
- Gravity Mapping Activity
    VIR Interactive
- Learn more about the Visible & Infrared Instrument
    Where is Dawn Now?
- Simulated Images updated every 2 hours
      Getting a Feel for Gravity     Framing Camera Interactive
    Asteroid Belt Tactile Graphic<br>for Visually Impaired
      Getting a Feel for Gravity
Grades: 8-12
- Gravity Assist Activity (PDF)
    Framing Camera Interactive
- Learn more about the Framing Camera Instrument
    Asteroid Belt Tactile Graphic for Visually Impaired
- Tactile Graphic
      Modeling in 3D        
- Join the Vesta Exploration
- Modeling in 3D (PDF)
- Vesta Flipbook (PDF)
      Career Connections        
      Career Connections
Grades: 5-12
- Career Connections
      Potato on a electrical rotating device        
      Potato Light Curves
Grades: 8-12
- See Activity